Faced an issue, want to create support ticket

How to create a Support Ticket?

Support Ticket helps the User to create problem related tickets in order to let the System Administrator know where the problem has occured. System Administrator will look into the problem and take necessary steps in order to resolve it.
1. After login, click on the Support link from the left menu.
2. For creating the ticket, first Department has to be selected. Then select the Priority, Request Type and Subject. Upload the attachment that you want to give in support of your statement. In the Message section, type in the message.
3. Once the SUBMIT button is pressed, the ticket will be created and will be listed in the Support Ticket listing page.
4. On clicking the view() icon, the ticket details will be visible to the User.
5. To reply, in the Response textarea, message needs to be put and if needed, attachment can be added. On pressing the SUBMIT button, the reply will be posted.
Last updated on 27th Sep 2019