Oracle Monitoring Scripts

Oracle Database Maintenance and Monitoring Scripts

250+ SQL, PL/SQL and UNIX Shell scripts


We have developed several scripts over years to manage Oracle databases for our internal and external projects. We would like to share them for public use at no cost. These scripts help DBA to maintan Oracle databases pro actively, monitor various metrics, troubleshoot performance issues and automate routine housekeeping tasks.


Click here to view the manual and refer to Installation section (Page 6 & 7) for installation steps. This document (exa.pdf) can be found in doc folder.


  • ASH/AWR - To identify top waits, plan history, performance metrics, etc.
  • Data Pump - To perform logical backups of the database using Data Pump.
  • Data Guard - To start/stop, monitor replication gap, switch over, etc.
  • Golden Gate - To monitor Golden Gate processes and replication lag.


  • Shows TPS history captured in awr. view
  • Shows free space in ASM disk groups. view
  • To create baseline for good SQL plan captured in AWR. view

Warning:- These scripts should be used by certified and/or experienced DBA. Test these scripts in lower environment before using them in live production system.