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How can I manage Trash?

Trash Management

Forget deleting a contact by accident and regretting it the next instant. Exadime cloud based address book never deletes any contact permanently the moment you delete the contact from the address book. It moves the contact to trash. So, if you wish to restore deleted contacts, you can always check the trash and do so. Moreover, you can manually delete the contacts from trash permanently.
*You should be a registered member of the site.
1. Click on the Trash link from the left menu.
2. The deleted Address Book(s), Group(s), Contact(s) will appear here.
Manage Trash
3. The application provides the facility to revert the Address Book, Group or Contact back into its location. In order to do so, click on the revert () icon.
4. Trash () icon helps the users to delete the Address Book(s), Group(s), Contact(s) permanently from the system. Once this icon is pressed, then a confirmation dialog box comes up, if the user agrees then the stuffs will be permanently deleted from the system.
Last updated on 11th Jan 2022