Contact Reports

What is Contact Reporting?

The Cloud Address Book provides the User to fetch their Contacts stored in different Address Books, Groups. The Address Books or Groups that are public and that are shared with the Users, Contacts associated with them can also be pulled out from the system.
1. Once the User logs into the application and clicks on the Report link from the left menu, following screen pops up:
2. User needs to select the desired Address Book name, Group(s) associated with those Address Book(s) will be populated.
3. On selecting the desired Groups, the Search form will come up.
4. Picking the Search in options will help the User to set the filter. On selecting the field names from the Field Name column, depending upon that Criteria dropdown populates. In the Field Value field, the value needs to be put.
5. On pressing the SEARCH button, the report list is populated.
6. The Alphabets help the User to get the report done on exact criteria. Click on an alphabet and get the report.
7. Show All will populate all the records found against the search criteria in the form of report.
8. On clicking the Ellipses(...) in the above screenshot, options to populate the columns.
9. On selecting the desired columns and pressing the GO button, the report will have all the columns along with search results in the report.
Last updated on 27th Sep 2019