All of us agree upon the fact that in order to win a battle, it is important to have access to the right weapons. Likewise, it is important to have access to the right software systems to run a business efficiently.

Without having access to the necessary tools and programs handy, the business is bound to suffer. Thus, if you are a business owner wondering what all is it that you need to run your business well, or if you are an entrepreneur wondering what all is it that you need to launch your startup successfully, we have got something very useful for you.

Here, we have listed the top five software programs that every business needs. Read ahead and find out what these programs are!

Contact Management Software

Businesses can never have enough leads. Thus, when you get a lead, you don’t lose it, you rather nurture it. A contact management software is crucial to make sure that you don’t lose any hard earned contacts.

Contact Management Software

Not only a contact management software helps you store huge amounts of information in a decent and planned manner, but also synchronize them amongst various departments and save time. However, just make sure that while you purchase a contact management software subscription, you must look for advanced features such as address label printing and custom address labels.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management software is vital for business automation. If you have still not invested into a nice CRM software system, you definitely need to right now. A CRM comes handy while you develop campaigns to nurture relationships with your customers.

Keeping in touch with your customers once the current project is over helps them feel that you actually care enough to solve their problems. CRM is vital to let your customers know that you value them and their business. Thus, it’s always advisable to invest in a nice CRM (it must not be seen as an added business cost!).

Project Management Software

Managing multiple projects simultaneously can be a pain. A project management software helps keep a track of what is going on and what project or task needs immediate attention. Project management software plays a crucial role in collaboration, scheduling of project activities, planning of tasks, resource management, budget management and documentation. Without a nice project management software, odds of the team getting lost amongst a sea of tasks are pretty high.

Human Resource Management Software

Next on the list is a feature list human resource management software. Human resource management software helps keep track of all the relevant employee data such as their personal information, job and salary history, banking and tax details, insurance plans, time off requests, disciplinary history, performance feedback or any other custom fields valuable to the organization.

This way you don’t need to waste any time looking for these details as and when required. However, it is advisable to always purchase a software that allows the employees to participate as well. For instance, the employees should preferably be able to use the software to give feedback, download salary slips, and so on.

contact management system

These were some of the necessary software programs every business needs. Deciding which product is it that your business needs demands you to dive deeper into your business needs and understand what’s lacking. Generalizing any answers to this may not turn out to be pretty beneficial. However, if you are looking for a competitive, feature-rich contact management software, you must give Exadime a shot. The software is equipped with advanced features such as address label printing and custom address labels along with other necessary features such as multiple address books, grouping and sub-grouping, contact mapping and sharing and so on.