Are you looking for the best places to get your address labels printed? If so, you have landed at the right place. We offer excellent solution for the printing of address labels and a lot more. With six different plans to avail according to your budget, we offer the best to our clients for full value for money. Our team of experts makes sure that you get the best out of your investment and get to enjoy the purchase with utmost satisfaction.

There can be several classes and sub-groups in the online address book and so on. In the primary address book, a contract will exist and can be mapped between groups and sub-groups and further sub-groups under them. This allows greater control over contact management and, without creating duplicate entries, one contact can easily be part of several groups or sub-groups.

Attractive Templates for Appealing Designs

Our web address book is integrated with Avery so that users can use the available templates, designs, and address labels for printing. For company letters, party invites and more of these direct mail contact this is a good option under printing address labels.

It becomes more difficult to skim through and find the right person at the right time as contacts increase in size and number. To untangle everything, our online address book program is here.

online address book

With CSV compatibility, it is much easier to export or import contacts. By simply importing the entire file into the address book, users can easily transfer entire contact databases stored in CSV format (MS Excel file) to the Exadime cloud-based online address book. The entire contact database can also be downloaded in CSV format in the event that the contact list has to be taken elsewhere and accessed offline. CSV is highly compatible with almost all available applications for contact management and provides versatility and independence.

This brand comes with several distinct characteristics that you do not find elsewhere. Photo touch, contact history, garbage, import or export of CSV data, groups, subgroups, multiple address books, group & address book contact mapping, contact sharing, auto-fill geodata, etc. The user interface is the easiest one that you can come across. Address printing on Avery labels is accomplished through integration with Avery. Since this is a web-based application, no software installation is needed. It is 24x7 open. For personal or business needs, it may be suitable.

Customization as per your preference

Our built-in custom label printing comes with several choices for customization for printing mailing labels. Users can select the desired paper size, quantity, template, border, and custom address labels to print. This makes the labels come out with the personal feel that you want on your labels.

Say Good Bye To Hassles Of Maintaining Records With Cloud Address Books

custom label printing

The cloud address book app comes with the option of using the main address book or, for different purposes, building several address books. Contacts can be easily mapped between address books, and each address book has separate control that allows users to share a similar address book with a read/write right, or to retain a personal address book, and more.

100% Secured Contacts

Forget about unintentionally deleting a connection and regretting the next moment. Exadime cloud-based address book will never permanently erase any contact as long as you remove the contact from the address book. It moves to trash touch. So, you can always check the trash if you want to restore deleted contacts, and do so. In addition, you can permanently remove the contacts manually from the garbage.


Contact management has never been so easy and Exadime is here to offer you the best. We are a well-known name offering address book to help you handle the best with full efficiency. If you have been struggling hard to maintain records and keep them secured, then give us a call and we will help you out with the best solutions for more focused and organized work.