Nowadays, it seems we meet more new people every day, some we may want to contact later and some not. With technology creating an easy venue to contact a large number of people, we need something in our lives to keep us organized, so when the time comes, we can access their contact information to connect with them. This is why an address book is essential in everyone’s life who has a lot of contacts. An example can be a file of email addresses stored in an electronic file, it also can be a file of names, addresses, and phone numbers in a contact manager or mobile phone, or it can be a little black book in which you write this information down.

Here we’ve outlined all of the fantastic features that make this online address book so darn magical. So, let’s have a look:

Easy Import

Do you previously have a list of contact mailing information on a spreadsheet somewhere? Import your Excel spreadsheet directly into your online address book to securely save all of your contacts’ information. The best thing about this online book is that there’s no need to have any crazy tech know-how. Simply click the ‘import’ button and choose your Excel file from your computer.

Birthday Email Reminder

Want to remember to mail your best friend their birthday card on time this year? Cloud address book comes with a nifty email reminder that will allow you to know if someone in your address book has an upcoming birthday. This heads up provides you time to choose out the ideal birthday card, write the great birthday message and send the card through snail mail just in time! Now there’s no chance to miss another birthday again.


We consider your privacy pure. Your information and your friends’ information will never be utilized for anything other than your address book. We aim to give a safe place where you can safely keep your contact details.


Online Address Book is a part of a completely free personal information system program which you can use as long as you want. The online address book has many features, and we are updating website frequently, so start using your address book. You will get and utilize many new beautiful features. We believe you will enjoy this online address book.

The online address book software refers to a tool where you can maintain the addresses of your clients, customers, employees, associates, friends, and relatives. You can systematically record the addresses of any person with the help of this software. The address book software is popularly known as the ‘contact management software’ or ‘contact book software’ can be used for commercial and personal use.

Before you buy the contact book software, you must ensure that this software includes the following features:

  • Fields to enter new names
  • Export and Import data
  • Create different groups
  • Free support if any technical problem arises
  • Easily portable (so that you can operate it efficiently from a USB drive)
  • Easy navigation system


Gone are the days of collecting addresses, names, and phone numbers on scraps of paper. As our daily conversation becomes more digital, our address books must join the present age, as well. An online address book is available to help you stay on top of all your digital communication. You can organize, synchronize, manage, and sort your contacts all within the intuitive email interface. No doubt, it’s easy for an email address book to become a dumping ground for anyone you’ve ever exchanged a business card with. The online address book enables you to instantly add, delete, and edit your online contacts as you want. You can also utilize its search and filter functions to assist you in finding exactly what you need. It makes sure that the person you’re looking for is always only a click away!