Have you ever wondered how does a modern, successful business owner remember all the important clients and their details? Probably not. Well, the answer is a web address book.

Online address book software is on the rage right now. It is popular for many reasons. They, in particular, make lives easy for business owners, individuals, corporate personnel, and practically everyone who integrates them into their lives in order to not lose out any important contact information.

There are several perks of having a multi-functional address book software, particularly for business owners and decision-makers. But before, jumping into that let’s get to know the technical definition of these digital business tools and the typical payment structure of the same.


Online address books allow users to create an indexable profile page that allows others to find details about the person by making an online search. Contact details are also available for these users. Sometimes it is also referred to as a web address book.

Payment Structure

Web address books are typically available in a multi-tier paying structure. You can use it for free with limited features. The pricing cycle for premium access is typically monthly, multi-monthly, or yearly.

Free use is usually limited to a hundred contacts. Scaling, however, is easy, as you can pay more for storing more contacts. There might be several premium packs available.

Premium access lets you enjoy several other service-specific features, such as the ability to integrate with your internal business tools and console, and granting and limiting access to different users. Here are the several perks of having a web-based address book software by your side:

  1. Better Contact Organization/Create Custom Groups

Web address books allow you to create custom groups to properly list up your business contacts. You can create group names like suppliers from Canada, American users, and NGO partners.

2. Easy Recalling and Sharing

A business contact can have multiple phone numbers, several email addresses, and a business address. An online address book not only helps you store all this information at one spot but also enables you and team members to summon as well as share it quickly.

3. No Damage, Easy Copying

Traditional address books are clumsy. You need to take good care of them and must recompile the data in some new address book when one of them worn out. Such an issue is non-existent with an online address book, which is free from any kind of physical wear and tear. Moreover, copying the information i.e. making copies is supereasy.

4. Safe & Secure

All your data is secured using a web address book. Unlike the traditional paperback address book that is easy to lose and might be problematic to carry around, a virtual address book lets you take it with you almost anywhere, without worrying about losing it somewhere.

5. Value Features

Any typical modern virtual address book comes with a lot of great features that empower businesses to waste less time in managing and keeping physical documents for storing all the necessary client information and more time in responding to client queries and jumping to actions.

For example, online address books generally allow users to instantly view the history of customers or suppliers or associates or partners. You can check about every past transaction as well as directly send new quotes.

Importance from a Business owner’s Perspective

Losing important business contacts is as easy as forgetting your wedding anniversary. However, the complications that can arise in this case can be severe for your business, especially if it’s small or new. The solution, online address books.


Adding a capable online address book software to your organization will not only make your business process easier but also save you the anxiety of losing important business information.

Web address books software lets you focus less on storing business information and more on actually benefiting from it.