Want to import bulk data into the system?

This Contact Management Software lets users to upload or import bulk Contacts in the system in CSV format.
1. In the Contact listing page, following options are available:
Upload Contact
2. On clicking the import() icon, a popup appears:
Import Contacts
3. Prior to upload or import data into the application, you have to download a sample CSV format using the button DOWNLOAD CSV FORMAT. This format will help you to format the Contacts
4. In order to upload the Contacts, first the Address Book needs to be selected, then the CSV file to be imported.
5. Before clicking the IMPORT button, you have to select, whether the application will skip duplicate records or abort the import process if duplicate records are found. So, if "Skip the duplicate records, if there is any" is selected then duplicate records found in the CSV will be skipped while importing the data from the CSV file. Whereas if anyone chooses the option "Abort import, if duplicate records found", then the import will be aborted if duplicate records are found in the CSV file.
6. If in the CSV file for any or more record Group doesn't exist, then the Group will be created only if the option for "Create Group if does not exist", otherwise the record will be skipped and that Contact won't be inserted into the application.
Last updated on 12th Jan 2022